SOF Gold Star Families
Every year, we host one Special Operations Forces (SOF) Gold Star Family in Bedford, Virginia for one week and honor their fallen Service Member at the Hero Games. In the days surrounding the event, we visit the mountains, rivers, and small-town streets showering them with love and connection. We use funds raised by our community to cover all expenses for the family, ensuring they have the best experience possible. 

The Hero Games
A team event that tests the physical and mental limitations of the individual. As a participant in the Hero Games, you're assigned to a 12-person team, led by former Special Operations and Civilian Cadre through a 6-8 hour course modeled after Special Operations training, all in honor of a fallen SOF Service Member. The fallen Service Member's family will be in attendance, oftentimes competing themselves.
Hero Games Podcast
We preserve the legacy of SOF Service Members, SOF history, and other high performers in our community through storytelling and meaningful conversation.