Hero Games Charity is a registered Non-Profit Organization (501(c)(3)).

  • Gold Star Families: Every year, we select one Special Operations Forces (SOF) family to be invited into our community in Bedford, Virginia for +/- 1 week, where we run the Hero Games Fitness Competition in honor of their fallen family member. We use funds raised by our community to cover all expenses for the family, ensuring that they have the best experience possible.
  • Hero Games Fitness Competition: A team event that tests the physical and mental limitations of the individual. As a participant in the Hero Games, you're assigned to a team of 10-15 individuals, led by Special Operations cadre through a 6-8 hour course modeled after Special Operations training, all in honor of a fallen SOF Soldier.
  • Mountain Survival Course: This is a basic survival course led by Special Operations Cadre. We focus on survival mindset, water procurement, fire starting, and shelter building. However, the real magic happens around the fire at the end of the day when we share life stories and build relationships. Mountain therapy if you would.
  • Hero Games Podcast: We'll be publishing the Hero Games Podcast in the 2nd quarter of 2022, which is designed to tell the stories of our community. Plan on hearing war stories, anecdotes and more from the best in our community.